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    I am trying to install some homebrew apps on my phone and followed the tutorial stickied on top of that forum...but for some reason, even following it to the letter, I find no new apps on my Pre.

    Here are my questions:

    1. How do I know which version of virtualbox to install? I am running a Dell machine with Windows XP on it, if that helps.

    2. In step one, part C, it states that I should have a "virtual Pre" on my computer...I don't...what gives?

    3. How come when I click on the icon for "Palm Emulator," I get an hourglass icon..but then nothing happens?

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    Im on the same PC as you are...virtual did not work for me also.......Emulator said i need virtual first to open......
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    Honestly, I find rooting easily. You can do a rescan command that allows you to update the launcher screen. That way you can find your apps there (provided you did it correctly).

    A simple trial is to reboot the Palm Pre.

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