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  1. groovy's Avatar
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    Priapism is a serious problem. You should seek treatment.

    Oh, yes, I am excited about the Active Home screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zpoettker View Post
    There's a lot of wasted real estate on the front page, which was palm's idea. I would rather fill it up with decent looking shortcuts and such. This does look interesting, but still is not an active desktop.. it's a card. I might change my opinion if I was able to download it without donating.
    I agree. The quick call thing is great.
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    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    You're not the only one with a rise. It's a really cool project and many of us are following it closely.

    For folks thinking "I'd like it if it were... but unfortunately..." this thing is not finished. How it works has yet to be finalized, so constructive feedback is helpful, and you may even have some input if you watch the video carefully, check out the screen caps, donate and trial, or whichever. Much less helpful is the assessment of an early alpha as though it were an actual release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam1am View Post
    It's too much. All I want to see is upcoming appointments. And I want them on the phone lock screen.
    You mean something like this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by wicketr View Post
    But that isn't in the works, is it? Just a photoshopped picture.
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    I do not think getting a "rise" for a phone app is normal, might want to go to a psychiatrist. :P
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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