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    Although I thought this was a really cool gimmick before the phone was released, I have never actually used it, its just way easier to swipe up and have the dock right there. I also find the center button completely useless, I don't think I have ever used that either. Can anyone think of some better uses for these?

    Now that we have brought it up, how DO you guys wake ur device, I almost always push down the slider, its just easier cause there is no need to unlock, it does it for you
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    Pretty much the same here.

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    I use the wave bar all the time. You know, there is one additional use for the center button that I would like: If the center button turned the backlight on or "woke" the phone like pressing the power button does. I realize, however, that for many people who keep the pre in a pocket this would cause a problem. I just find myself wanting to press the dang button to wake the phone for some reason.
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    I try to but neve succeed, i'll usually just push the center botton
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    Use the wave bar 24/ of my fav features
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    all the time
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    The wave bar is pretty cool to make your friends go "wow" but that's about it. That is what the sprint guy did to me during the sales speil.
    Now if it could scroll from left to tight other shortcuts, it would be useful.
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    I think it's a pretty cool feature, though I tend to forget about it. I usually just swipe to switch between applications now that I've enabled advanced gestures.
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    Wordweaver, now that you mention it yea, I can't tell you how many times in the first week I pressed it to wake the phone(came from iphone and that's how I used it) and it does absolutely nothing
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    I actually use it a lot - its one less motion to launch my apps on the bar (phone/web/mail/calendar)
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    I forget about it most of the time, its easier for me just to go to card view and hit the launcher. If i used it more I am sure that I would become used to it and use it more
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    I use the wave bar pretty often to launch a new browser window, but I NEVER use the center button.
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    Yup I use it mainly for opening Camera or Calender for the most part.
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    I would actually use the wavebar IF I could put in different shortcuts then the icons that're already at the bottom of the launcher...

    (but having it be the same is not helpful)
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    i use the wave bar all the time...
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    It is useful if you want to launch something without closing or leaving your current app since it comes up while you are in an app.
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    I use it
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    Its faster to swipe up so I don't use it. Cute gimmick but not much else. It would be more useful if it had different icons than the quick launch.
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    I also use it quite a bit to launch a new browser window or to bring up the chat prog to txt
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