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    Since I've customized which icons are on it, I do use it often. I don't use the center button at all though.
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    i wish there was a setting where you can use the wave bar only....and the desktop would be nice and clean with no icons...but thats just me
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    Can someone explain to what the purpose of the wave is? I already have my four chosen apps in the Launcher bar at the bottom of the screen. I press the icon to open that application. All the wave does is make the bar all curvey like a fun house mirror and adds a step to the above.

    Does it have an actual function?
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    you can change the shortcuts. I use mine all the time - I don't float cards much... The three noticfication applications: text, email, & calender are use'm as you need'um things for me - so I wave'm in then swoosh'm out...
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    I use it all the time, saves an extra few taps to get to all your favorite apps.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I always use my center button.
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    i use the wave bar all the time while in other apps..... just used to it i guess..
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    I think its pretty much useless for me ... Both the wave and the center button ... maybe it can be a dedicated button for something more relevant in the near future.
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    I love it and use it all the time. When I am in one app I use the Wave Bar to launch another app. It is one less "click" or "gesture" to bring up a new app.

    I also do the half swipe to go into card view and launch that way. But that is two "gestures" instead of one. I've customized my bar to have the apps I use the most. So it is nice to use the Wave Bar to get to an app quicker.
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    I took a poll on this over at "everythingpre." the results were 31 swipe, 8 button. So.. there you have it. I hope that we can remap the use of the button for "fav app."
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    I use it all the time. I have a Pre and iPhone. I keep trying to use the wave function on my iPhone. Maybe someday?
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    I use it frequently when in an app.
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    Wow, didn't realize you could switch out the icons. Very cool.

    I don't ever use the wave and would actually like to disable it. I keep accidentally pulling it up when I'm trying to pinch zoom although I'm found the pinch is easier if you just hold your thumb still and flick in or out with the other finger like your flicking a scroll wheel. Especially if your in say Google Maps trying to zoom way way out.

    I think it would be sweet if you could scroll inside the wave. Once you have a large number of apps it might especially be useful to have an alternative shortcut to them.
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    I think a couple of people have had some great ideas, like if when you bring up the wave, its not the four icons on home screen, but rather 4 other apps like utube and google maps..., or like someone eles is saying if you could bring it up and scroll through all of ur apps( at least once we have some apps), then I would use it all the time
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    I could do that with TealOS on my Centro - couldn't believe I couldn't set up a different set of apps for the wave bar on my Pre.

    I also wish we could add the ability to continue swiping farther left or right to access more apps/contacts. I like the android-esque home screen homebrew app I've read about here - but I'll wait until it's an official app

    it's the 22nd.... where's 1.1?! I guess that rumor was as accurate as the rumor about the apps floodgates opening a couple of weeks ago... I hate rumors! ...would love to see some new apps, though.
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    I use the wave when I'm in an app, and then use the "advanced gesture" to move from app to app for fast multi-tasking. To me, it's quicker than minimizing to switch apps.
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    I never used it at all until recently, and I'm now starting to appreciate its virtues. What's cool about it is that it is very forgiving--it allows you to make a fairly "sloppy" gesture. As long as you wait until the proper app is highlighted, you can be pretty loose in the gesture. I thought it was wasted space before, but I'm starting to like it.
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    im starting to use the wave more frequently....the center button hardly ever...
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    I use both quite often.
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    I use them both quite a bit. Button mostly just to shrink cards. I usually swipe to switch card, but I tried it with the button. The wave bar is handy if you suddenly want to open somthing while you are in the middle of doing something.
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