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    I just saw this in the forums at Although the memo says online sales on 7/22/09, still shows in store only. Hopefully they enable online sales soon. I want my Pre!

    Internal Memo with internal links, but the Pre is coming back to TeleSales.

    Summary: Big news! Sprint has decided to open up the selling of the exciting new Palm Pre device to Telesales starting 07/20/09 and and Wireless Manager on 7/22/09.
    Specialists: All
    Customers: All, except employee accounts (EWD and SWAC)
    Effective Date: 7/20/09

    What you need to know:

    Selling the Palm® Pre™ in these channels will be permanent.
    All processes will be business as usual.
    Palm Pre is still not available for employees or their Advantage Club accounts.
    Why you need to know it:

    This is a great opportunity to meet and exceed your sales goals!
    What you need to do:

    Care agents can now transfer customers to Telesales to purchase the Palm Pre instead of referring everyone to stores.
    Continue to use your support documents for questions: Palm Pre Tips and Tricks ( for troubleshooting and tips learned from the initial launch) and Palm Pre Questions and Answers (for general information provided before the initial launch).

    w w w dot sprintgurus dot com
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    Opps... slugish sales 1.5 months after introduction... better make it easier to buy...

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    Is it really easier to buy over the phone? Seems unlikely seeing as how its such a pain just to get a hold of CS. Plus I don't know many people that buy over the phone anyways...if they are really looking for a boost in sales, they should make the Pre available online.

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