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    I have 2 Harry Potter books as MP3s on my Pre. The mp3s were ripped from the CDs. I used MP3 tag to correct the tags in every MP3 file. The Track tag is entered from 001 to 169. And the Title tag is setup so that each track has the title HP1 T001 C01-01 all the way to HP1 T169 C17-14.

    So it appears that all the tracks are numbered correctly. So why is the sort order for Book 1 completely random??

    If I look in Songs the sort order is correct for book 1 and 2. It is just messed up in the album area.

    The sort order for Book 2 is perfect. All the settings are the same from book 1 to book 2.

    Does the music player sort on some other tag that I missed?

    I did a search but could not find any info on this. If there is a thread already please point me to it.
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