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    Remember during ces, they had a pre and it was connected through the headphone jack to a large projector.

    Is this possible with a special cord?
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    Short answer: no

    Long answer: use the forum search function. This has been asked and answered many times, and you weren't first to site the CES show either.
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    Actually it was not the headphone jack. There was a cable coming out the bottom of the phone, so it was probably a one-off connector they made on a few demo phones.
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    I didn't say I was first in mentioning it. I'm on my pre and the search vutton doesn't work for me.
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    ^^^^ i guess neither does the B haha^^^^

    haha im just messing with you but to be nicer nothing we have seen yet shows we are gonna video capabilities... or at least not for a while!
    The Pre does WORK

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