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    I would say get rid of it completely on the next version. No need for a track ball, and there are embedded lights that could be used for notifications. It would give the Pre an even cleaner look. While their at it, they should also hide the earpiece.
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    I'd like it better if there was no button just add another hidden led, mabye larger than the others. Then use all of them for notificanions. As of right now with WebOS gestures it is useless, until there is an app that actually uses it. Plus, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$ $weakens$ $the$ $screen$, $most$ $cracks$ $radiate$ $from$ $the$ $button$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BulletT00TH View Post
    It would give the Pre an even cleaner look.
    I like your style!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by BulletT00TH View Post
    While their at it, they should also hide the earpiece.
    I thought the same thing before. I just fear that too many non-intelligents out there would complain that they don't know top from bottom. Yet, if they did this and extended the screen up and create another gesture area one could use the phone from either side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Without a mouse cursor, what would a trackball do?
    What I was thinking was when, for instance, you're inputting text in a field and you realized you made an error a few words back, instead of using the orange+tap method to go back to it, you can just scroll the trackball to the left. You don't need an arrow cursor to have a trackball.
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    Personally I don't see the point of the center button (at least as things are currently implemented). I can simply swipe up from the gesture area to do what it does. Even though I know that I don't have to swipe all the way across when performing the back swipe, it almost seems like it's in the way. Sure the thing lights up, but until someone leverages that, I don't see the point.

    It's weird to have this perspective because when I was a Treo 600 & 700P user, the buttons were so important. Now the gestures seem paramount and the center button takes away from that.
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    Would have been better if the center button would wake the phone from sleep mode, but I guess if the iphone's is concave it would'nt accidentally wake the phone
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    I would love if they replaced the center button with a d-pad. I know it would not be as clean looking but the d-pad is the thing I miss the most from my old Treo. The center button is useless (at least to me, anyway).
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    Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever used the center button either. It's useless and does get in the way of gestures. And another thing, I don't like the feel of it when I press it. Sounds and feels like a button from a cheap device.
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    NO trackballs. Palm don't listen to this cat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Until it warms up to your finger temperature and can no longer read, like every capacitive touch screen. I had my phone in my pocket while I was riding my bicycle, pulled it out to check messages, and the touch screen was unresponsive until it cooled down. The screen had been up against my leg in my pocket, so it couldn't differentiate whether I was touching it or not, due to temperature.
    Sorry, but this is false. A capacitive touchscreen functions based on electric conductivity not temperature.
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