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    The subject is your mobile setup. If possible it would be great to have a pic of your items and then just tell a bit about the items, what you like about it and how its helping you.
    Here is mine.

    Well obviously the Pre, be crazy to have no Pre in this pre forum. I too carry my iPod touch around to have access to my audible books and podcasts. Even if they fix the music player on the Pre I'll still have my touch because of the bigger capacity..and what helps eases the transition is I don't have to swap out headphones for each devices. Thats because of the Sony Bluetooth Headset (HBH DS980). It lets me connect both devices. When a calls in, the music from the iPod will pause and I'll answer the call. There is a little problem with the touch though. It won't automatically connect back, I have to switch it from the bluetooth pendant itself which isn't that hard. The bluetooth headset doesn't play music as smooth on the Pre as it does on the iPod. It lags and skips a bit on the Pre so thats another reason I'm not using it for the Pre for music but for calls its great. Of course I have to protect my Pre and thats why I have the Vaja iVolution Deco with the belt clip. The quality is great and it fits the Pre very snuggly. I like the speaker cutout in the back and while it does muffle the sound a bit, you can still hear your alarms. As for my iPod I have the Switch Easy Rebel Touch. Its a very duarble and cool looking case. Oh of course I have a Boxwave Cleartouch Crystal screen protector to cover the screen of the Pre. It just covers the main areas of the Pre and not the whole body. One last thing, the Touchstone of course but we all already know about that.

    Hope this helps out people on their buying decisions.
    Care to share yours?
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    So I have a usb charge chord going from my pre to my laptop. Archangel protects the pre from the baddies but he drinks on the job so he doesn't do a great job. He doesn't want to admit he has a drinking problem but we all know he does.

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    ^^^^ lolz^^^^
    The Pre does WORK
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    HAHA iamfrontosa nice!!
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    hmm. dont have a pic but i carry. my pre, ipod touch with ars noise cancelling headphones, and a bb 8830. 8830 is for work.
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    My Pre, Thinkpad X41, and Sprint Broadband card. The perfect mobile package.
    Palm III -> Palm M100 -> Palm VII -> Tmobile MDA (The 3 year mistake) -> Palm Pre

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    My Pre, Thinkpad X41, and Sprint Broadband card. The perfect mobile package.
    Is that you Mr. Hesse?

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