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    I went to and my rebate status is now at 100%. It says the check is in the mail. Has anyone actually received their rebate check yet?

    Track Your Rebate Results
    Tracking Results: Status Detail
    Offer Information for: [redacted]
    Offer: $100.00 Check
    Date Received: 06-22-2009
    Status Detail: Your rebate is approved and a check has been issued. Thank you
    Rebate Check #: [redacted]
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    Mines in the mail. Finally!

    Nothing like money you should have had all along coming back to you!!
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    Sure is, wasn't 100% earlier today.
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    Mine too. What year is it? can't they use paypal or direct deposit that shiet. a check AND the mail.... kills me.
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    Thank god it's a check and not some retarded expires-in-60-days prepaid visa card. Albeit, I'll post a picture of my rebate check once I actually receive it.

    So far, this has been a way better experience than my Cingular rebate from 2 years ago. For that rebate, I included everything they asked for (original box upc, receipt, rebate form, imei barcode, etc) and they kicked it back saying I didn't include half that crap. Too bad I used the phone for which I was applying for the rebate with to take a video of me including all those said items in the envelope and mailing it. I was really able to rip apart their smartass supervisor with that damning evidence.
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    I hope your checks get here soon-- I've always hated the mail-in rebate system. I bought my Pre from Best Buy Mobile, and they just knock $100 off the price, no rebate to worry about, which is a much better way to go.
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    I just mailed mine ... postmarked no later than the 22nd -- mailed on the 21st...
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    Thx for the heads up! I'm 100%!
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    Yeah~! I checked earlier...they musta just processed a huge batch.
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    Mine came in yesterday! First national bank from Coppel, TX. $100.00! yahooo!
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    mine has been issued too..
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    100% here as well! Woohoo!
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    Mine is at 100% too! Mailed out!
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    Just got an email from the Sprint Rebate Center as I was reading this thread.. Weird...

    It said, "Your rebate of $100.00 is in the final stages of processing and should be mailed to you within the next three weeks."

    My 'tracking results' states that it is at 100% and says 'rebate mailed'. Don't think we are going to get that C-note as soon as we thought.. .
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    Last time I had a Sprint rebate it was declined for no reason. I had to call them and tell them that and they basically said "oh.... you're right. it's now approved".

    Then I was burned by AT&T since they give you prepaid VISA card. Ugh.

    After that I will never do rebates again. I went to Best Buy and bought two Pres with the rebate price already taken off .
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    Yes...mine is in the mail too! It says check number, so I am hopefull that it isnt a Visa card. Even still, I will make use of it!
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    got mine last week. and I also had rejected on the website. I called and they said ooppss ...sorry we will send it out immediatly and got it 10 days later.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Mine is finally on its way. Glad I will not have to wait much longer.
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    I got the e-mail this morning also. It had a link to the rebate status that said 100% and check's in the mail.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Great to see its finally in the mail. To be honest I really forgot that I had a rebate check coming, and since I bought 3 for the family it will be a nice little boost.
    Thanks again.
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