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    I could get all artsy fartsy about this but these adverts are a crap waste of money in my opinion.

    They remind me of the gizzillions that MS gave to the marketing agency for the Anti Apple ads (with Jerry Sienfeld). They had lots of clever hidden messages that only appealed to the geeks who were trying to figure out what they meant.

    We know how long that strategy lasted !!

    C'mon Palm don't overcomplicate the PRPRPR $piece$.

    e.g. See the link in my signature - do something like this....
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

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    Wow that just wow not bad and not creepy I just can't wrap my head around these ads.
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    well...i would say the point is to notice them, first off...people forget sometimes that its not always supposed to be smart or funny...if you remember it, it worked...however, these are definately weird...and they need to show more of the phone, and less of the grass...people know what grass is...and grass isn't going to save Palm
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    People are talking about the ads. People know that "creepy Palm Pre girl".
    The ads worked. Advertising doesn't have to be "loved" or even great to be effective.

    Geico Caveman
    Burger King King
    Palm Pre Creepy Girl
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    OK that commercial is str8 up psycho! WTF Reincarnation???
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    People are talking about the ads. People know that "creepy Palm Pre girl".
    The ads worked. Advertising doesn't have to be "loved" or even great to be effective.

    Geico Caveman
    Burger King King
    Palm Pre Creepy Girl
    LOL! Now that Burger King King really caught me as creepy. Wasn't he like peering into someone's bedroom in the first commercial. Eww.

    The Palm Pre girl sounds more like she's on valium. Not creepy. She's very mellow with her, bing, bing and waxing on about jugglers and reincarnation. Actually maybe she's just stoned off the pebble in her hand. "The Pre, the best contact high you'll ever get."
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    I guess I'll have to go against the grain on this one. Some of the past ones have been strange. I like the message in this one. I never could manage my current lives before I got the Pre. It is really a pretty strong message.

    "Why does the Pre allow her to do that?" Shows multi-color calendars. I thought it worked well. Much better than thousands of dancing monks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannyman View Post
    Here you go:
    Thanks for the link, but seriously, what the hell was that???
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    I haven't seen this commercial yet. post 5
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    I find them strangely fascinating. My wife sort of likes them, but thinks that "the actress was chosen because her head is shaped somewhat like a Pre".
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    I think Tamara should have kept the tone and cadence of voice from the first .

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    I like the China ad a lot.

    The other ones are----memorable.

    Personally, the video on the Palm website after CES (What would it take to amaze you?) was an amazing video. Wonder why they don't use that one.
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    Seriously, I wonder if these vague "ads" are because the Pre software is not fully baked and they do not want to demo it just yet?
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    Weird, but cool!!

    Best quality I could find so far:
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMoney749 View Post
    Not only that, but everyone seems to think that because Apple has commercials that show the iPhone features, and that appeals to them, that's the only way to market the phone. Like I said before, these Pre ads don't appeal to me either, but guess what - I already own one.

    I think what those people are missing, is that Apple already has a cult following. They can put two guys up on screen pretending to be computers and the fanboys eat it up. What they're trying to do with their iPhone commericials is show that there's a reason, other than being a member of the Collective, to buy the phone. It's not just a toy and it does stuff.

    I think the Pre commercials are looking for that Cult market. Like the legions of people who bought an iPhone just because it's hip, and not for what it can do. The Spring commercials are covering the other half.
    A lot of the people who own iPhones are not Mac users so how does that make them part of the 'Collective'? And as for functionality, why is it that geeks insist a product is superior based on feature count alone and totally ignore the over-riding importance of the UI? Before the Pre and Android phones came out there was no one on the market who was even half as good at the UI as the iPhone is. *That* is why they sell like hotcakes. To assume otherwise is to be in serious denial of what is valued by regular non-tech folks.
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    My two cents (for anyone that cares):

    First, while they do show the different colors in the calendar, anyone who doesn't own a Pre won't understand what they are seeing. They might think that it is a graphing app. The screen is pretty unappealing for the few seconds that it does actually appear on screen.

    Second, it would be nice if they showed the multi-touch abilities of the phone. The way that these commercials have worked so far, it would seem that the Pre is more like the Storm - Show us how the gestures make this phone better than an HTC flowtouch or an iPhone as far as gesturing control goes.

    Third, What the hell is up with the laugh before saying "I laughed." Really redundant and it takes away from the message that this is a phone that let's you do multiple things at once.

    Lastly, what's up with the pause between "all the ones that I am living" and "right now?" It seems to me that the directions to the actress and the editor are more to blame here. It seems to me that the writer probably intended those two phrases to a single complete idea. The breaking up of them makes it a little confusing and less interesting. (also the voice choice for the last two words is horrible - there had to be an alternative way to go that would have gotten the point across much better).
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    Is it me or does the girl in the Pre Ads remind you of that Borg chick in those Star Trek movies?
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    I think the ads are great, they get people talking. I like the sprint ad where the guy is swiping through his huge apps in front of him.
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