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    Just from experience, i found a couple problems with the pre and have the solutions..

    just a couple for now:

    earpiece stopped working:
    this happens when i had headphones plugged in, phone went to standby, then i unplugged the headphones. just plug in the head phones then unplug and it should solve it..
    edit: if that doesnt work, start the music player then plug in/unplug the headphones as music plays as rundown87 describes:

    Originally Posted by rundown87 View Post
    This happened to me. What happens is that it gets stuck in headphone mode. I put on pandora or the music player, plugged in and unplugged my headphones until it went from playing to paused (because when you take out the headphones it pauses automatically). This happened to me about 3 days after I got it, I use the headphones regularly, and it hasn't happened since.

    touchscreen stopped working:
    this happens ALOT. normally its when i have an app in card view then the phone goes on standby. I've found that u can still use the phone through the keyboard, but to get the touchscreen to start working again you have to plug it in via usb then unplug it. this SUCKS when you arent by a computer, but you can still dial out using the keyboard, but hanging up is not possible without hitting Orange+sym+r for a soft reset, or waiting for the other person to hang up first.
    I've seen the touchscreen go out on several Pres and they've all came back to life after plugging them into USB. I guess its a somewhat common issue.

    will not power on/icons on screen
    i ran the phone dead when i was out and about and then it wouldnt turn back on. all i got was a huge picture of a battery with a lightning bolt through it and a little red bar on the bottom. Also it displayed a power cord squiggling up to a big "?" (basically the phone saying "WHERE IS THE POWER?"). This is because the phone cannot power on with an extremely low battery. I plugged it in for about 10 minutes to the USB and it started working (note - i had it on the car charger for 10 minutes and it never powered on). If the battery is nearly 100% dead, the phone will not even turn on if it's plugged in to a charger - same issue with some blackberrys.

    cracked plastic on/near screen (NOT the LCD):
    this has been reported as an issue but as of now it is NOT CONSIDERED A DEFECT. This being said, sprint has been replacing these phones under warranty after examining the phone to determine what actually caused the crack. If you have these problems, make sure that the store you are dealing with is aware of the "issue" so that they can replace your phone and not send you to asurion.

    *note - as of now:

    *there is no fix for the "oreo" that i would recommend anyone doing without risking the phone's warranty and/or damaging the phone even more.
    *there is no fix for dead pixels or "blotch marks" on the screen when viewing solid backgrounds.
    *there is no fix for email notifications coming in even though you have notifications set to off.
    *there is no fix for the phone powering off/power cycling, some claim that paper in the battery compartment (to squeeze the battery tight) prevents this (when opening/closing the slider), this isnt quite confirmed, but you will only make things worse. the contacts will sink over time from the extreme pressure you put on them. Sprint recommends that you do NOT put paper in the battery compartment to squeeze it closer to the contacts.
    *there is no true fix for battery life other than phone settings
    *there is no fix for fluctuating signal strength (1 bar to 5 bars constantly)
    *there is no fix for the phone not detecting the charger without plugging it in/out several times (this happens to me - with motorola chargers which are said to be compatible). This is NOT an issue with the charge port of the phone and my advice is to NOT wiggle the charger or try to cram it in the phone harder - this will only damage the charge port.

    Ill try and edit/bump when i find fixes to other issues that people might be having. Hopefully this will help a few people.
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