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    Ok I'm not b*tching because I hate my phone and going to return it. Got mine on 6/6 with very minimal problems. Biggest one is crashing when I close slider. A piece of electrical tape shoved in there did the trick. I felt more comfortable with that then a piece of paper.

    Anyway..I'm noticing scratches on my phone below the keyboard (the sharp area that you can cut cheese with.) it appears to be from the rubbing together of opening and closing the phone. Not a huge deal but kind of annoying and ugly. I never had the oreo problem so I'm wondering if mine was put together more tightly than others. Minor issue though and I am still in love with the phone. Sometimes I just sit and stare at it. (creepy I know.) anyway...anyone else have this issue? Later
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    Yeah, I have the issue where I sit and stare at the phone :P

    But yes, also, I have some scratches on the keyboard piece, not down on the cheese-cutter, but rather to the left and right of the keyboard. These scratches appeared the day I got a few grains of sand in my Pre (after playing in the sandbox, Pre "safely" in my pants pocket) and the slider got tight and gritty. (I have minor oreo btw.) Anyway, the scratches seem to have buffed themselves out, once I got the sand all blown out and slider smoothly operating again. I can barely see the scratches anymore.

    So I guess we have different issues come to think of it... Yours is from the top part rubbing on the bottom part, and mine was from the slider (or perhaps sand itself) rubbing on the bottom part. hard to say for sure!

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