View Poll Results: The ONE thing you wish your Pre had but doesn't? (at least for now)

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  • Video Camera

    39 24.84%
  • Ability to forward text messages

    6 3.82%
  • Visual Voicemail

    23 14.65%
  • Better battery life

    38 24.20%
  • Expandable Memory

    19 12.10%
  • Ability to change sound notifications for email/text

    32 20.38%
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffsaha View Post
    Bb style copy and paste from anywhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by neodorian View Post
    Tethering. I miss WMWiFiRouter so much
    Miss it no more!

    Here is the Tether Thread. YOu can tether without rooting.

    This is from the Homebrew forum along with 60 other great aps.

    - Craig
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    These threads are tired but I will play..

    True Copy & Paste..
    Better battery
    & More ON Board Memory.. ( i do not want to have to worry about SD expansion)

    Video recording..

    Most of what the Pre lacks Sadly The Treo Already had..
  4. bcbenton's Avatar
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    here is what I want:

    micro sd slot
    better battery
    all of the old Palm OS Apps (or at least the ones I've used)
    camera zoom (not the end of the world however)
    more apps
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    The ability to empty Trash in email all at once instead of one by one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcbenton View Post
    here is what I want:
    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    Here is the Tether Thread. You can tether without rooting.
    all of the old Palm OS Apps (or at least the ones I've used)
    better battery

    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    The things I miss the most are the dumb basic things that I used to have like being able to Cut and Paste, Undo, and the rest from the Missing Basic Features in the Tips & Tricks.

    Better battery life is still far from good but these tips (mostly from Dieter) have doubled my time and made my Pre usable:
    Improving Battery Life
    The Homebrew forum may not have all of your apps done yet, but at the rate they are going maybe some time next week!

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    The virtual keyboard is coded out by Palm and is in the webOS.

    See the Tips and Tricks for screen shots.

    So there is hope for this. Maybe today?

    - Craig
    Wrong, there is no virtual keyboard coded by palm... someone made a really stupid mistake and thought the webshell keyboard was part of the OS and now people are still believing it months later.
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    My main request is not on the poll

    I would love native file manager and direct web uploading/ downloading
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    How about fewer Trolls? That's MY wish.
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    its not listed but I would like BT OBEX
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    An eBook reader. Not the most popular thing, but holy CRAP, how hard can that be to crank out?

    Other than that, notification sounds for sure. I have specific ones that I use because I'm on call and need to hear email alerts from our systems and the stock stuff ain't cuttin it. I can't hear squat at night.
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    Those augmented reality apps are going to be the shiznit
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