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    My pre decided to start acting up lately. First i don't know if its a bug or if it's supposed to happen. Whenever i have a program open then i goto cards and swipe up it disappears but when i move to the next window the window that i closed would look like it bounces down then back up sometimes it looks like it would bounce off the top of the one i'm looking at then go away.

    Also my phone froze in the beginning of a phone call. The screen would be stuck at the connecting screen and i would be able to talk to the other person still but i have no access to my phone at all. Eveen when the other person hung up it would be stuck at that certain screen the only option i had was to battery pull =[.
    I think i'm going to exchange my pre anyways since it has a really bad oreo and the top switch seems to want to just fall out.
    But just wanted to know anyone have this problem every so often?
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    Battery pull? Just put it in standby then back on.
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    nope didn't work
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    It's possessed by this little daemon:
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    Your thread title scares me a little bit. Very creepy.
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    Weird. I have seen some swipe bugs where the window goes down then back to regular spot and I can't close it. I take a deep breath and then it works again. Sometimes if it happening more than once (and is usually accompioned by slow performance) I will restart the device. I would be concenred if it was continuing to do this after a reset. Return seems best.
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    That's what we get for being Beta testers.
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    For future reference, you should do the partial erase and restore from palm profile. It gets rid of some known bugs. But it does sound like yours might have a hardware issue also.
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    The creepy girl with a cool phone possessed it. Bring on the Zen music please.
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    I've noticed more bad things happen on Tequila.

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