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    No returns here either. Got mine 6/6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    Why would they when this thread only solicits feedback from those with perfect Pres? At least the poll attempted to get unbiased data from everyone.
    When did what a thread solicited on this forum ever stop someone from posting "other" information (such as the above quoted one)...

    Not a complaint mind you, just an observation.
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    Who cares if people exchange their phones for nit picky reasons? If you are going to invest in a new top of the line smart phone, you should get a quality product. I say if you aren't happy with it get a new one, or something that you are happy with.
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    6/8 not a single issue.
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    My friends and family purchased 9 Pres on launch day. None were exchanged or returned.
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    I'm on my one and only Pre and loving it.
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    3rd in line on 6/6. No problems to speak of. Even after a drop today that hit three time before landing face down on wet asphalt. Only one little scratch on top.
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    I havent returned mine just yet but was close to. The only problem I have is the sliding of but other than that.. my phone is PERFECT!!! Since it's been working perfectly, I am to scared to exchange/return it now and get one in other conditions; I run a 50/50 chance of getting a better one. So I think I'll stick to my original launch Pre 'til they have officially come up with a solution to the slider problem.
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    purchased about a week after launch.. not a single problem
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    no return here, le
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    Launch day Pre here. Still perfect
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    3 weeks in and still holding up great. Slider has loosened up a bit but feels better.
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    4th in line on 6/6. No problems -- I'm happy.
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    I will say, minor, small bubble that is noticeable only 5% of the time.
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    6/6 purchase. No return - no dead pixles, no oreo, no signal issues (I'm in a full Rev A coverage area), no color splotches or heat marks, no cracks. I think the build quality is great. Just my experience though.
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    I got my pre on 6/6 and no problems. I love it.
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    6/12, no returns, no major issues yet.
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    6/12 and no problems.
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    I still have my original Pre, The screen area where the LEDs for the backlight is brighter on a light blue screen but I don't see that unless the device is warn from the USB charger. No oreo effect (but the Sprint rep showed me that even tight phones can be oreo'ed with a hard twist. Pretty damn good phone overall.
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    Original launch day Pre. No issues.
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