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    What on the Pre can be billed to the account? My employee plan includes a $50/mo credit to my account to cover downloads but I haven't found anything (other than premium TV) that can be billed to the account yet (f*** amazon music store).

    I'm hoping that when the app store gets games/apps that cost $$, they can be billed to account...

    Oh also for dealers with the same credit: Have you heard anything about the exact date we lose this? I read something a couple weeks ago saying we will lose the credit at a "future undetermined date". Reason for asking.. I got my bill and I was actually charged for games/music for the first time in 5 years with this plan, called CC and they credited me back and said that the credit was accidentally removed by CC when I called them a couple weeks ago, but they said they are adding it back on.

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    No clue on the credit being taken away. I thought they were already starting to remove it. Are you currently using your employee plan with a pre?
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    yep. works good (just like it worked on the instinct - after they said its not possible).

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