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    I was at a sprint store yesterday , its the same thing.
    A "senior communication specialist" had no clue that the Pre can do multitasking.
    Hu???? I think you posted in the wrong thread there M8.
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    Oh my god! All this talk about locations in Rhode Island is bringing me back! I need to take a trip home.
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    only "Preferred Retailers" get to sell the pre at the moment. My store is a full 100% sprint authorized retailer (service & repair), but the Pre is the only phone we cannot get, first phone in sprint/nextel history that we cannot get.. I had to go to radio shack to get mine >:|

    Also Best Buy/Walmart in washington state do not sell Sprint - so there's 2 more big chains that you can't visit to get a Pre.

    Most stores around the US are "preferred retailers" but when you live in a big city with 10+ sprint stores within 20 miles (especially "indirect" privately owned stores ran under a sprint contract), its much harder .. Currently out of the 10+ sprint stores in my area, I know of 3 that actually sell the Pre. My store has absolutely no Pre posters/information as we cannot sell the phone yet, so we don't advertise it - which then the customer would go to another store to buy it.

    So if you're looking for a Pre - Call ahead. 1- to find out of they even sell the phone, and 2-make sure they have it in stock obviously.
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