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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseyx2002 View Post
    anyone know how to close this thread out?
    Don't reply to it so you don't bring it to the front page maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrysanders20 View Post
    Memos, tasks, Amazon MP3, PDF, Nascar, and Doc view.
    Wow, you don't use Memos?

    I use memos for anything i just need to quickly jot down. The ony i keep on every phone i've used is : Songs to Download haha
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    Yeah, the video is for movies or videos that you've taken (from other phones right now) and transferred to the Pre. I transferred to full-length movies (after converting with Handbrake) and they both look and sound great. I was amazed at the quality of the movies.
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    How did you get movies still playing in theaters?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdesselle View Post
    I'm dissappointed with the PDF viewer. Links to pdf's on webpages opens up Acrobat Reader on my PC, but the same link on my Pre gives me a message that no software found for this link. (or something like that)
    I've had good luck with the PDF viewer. Last week I was in another city and I used a PDF map that I had downloaded ahead of time. I could access it faster than going to the website and did not have to depend on adequate network coverage to get the information I needed. I also use Doc Viewer regularly. I maintain a MS Word list of books I own so I don't duplicate purchases.
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