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    I just added a wallpaper to the Wallpapers gallery using a USB cable. The folder only contained the original wallpapers, named 1-12. This one began with a v, I placed it at the end of the line in Windows Explorer, and yet when I go back to the phone it is the second picture in the lineup. Why? lol

    The Centro's photo viewer had about 50x the options of this one.
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    Experimenting around on my system, it looks like they're listed by order of the time and date stamp. Except that doesn't really explain why yours is the second picture in the lineup...
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    I've done some experimenting, and for the life of me, I can't figure out the sort order either. It is not as simple file system name, creation date, or modification date, although newer pictures tend to be first. I'm wondering if it's something in the EXIF data, or perhaps some combination of things.
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    I think it's by "Date Taken" in the EXIF data, not "Data Modified" on the file.
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    That might explain why it takes so loooong to scan for files when you load a new batch onto your Pre. It doesn't just look at directory info, it actually has to open the files to decide what order to display them in.
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    Whatever it is, it's a mess. Oh well
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    I'm pretty sure there was a thread about this very same thing. Maybe like two weeks ago?

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