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    Couldn't find this thread, so apologies if it already exists. Yesterday, I was talking to my brother, and the low battery tone (20%) BLASTED into my ear, even though it came out the speaker on the back of the phone. Is this a known issue?

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    yes, it does it for 20% battery and 10 battery too... sorry that it blasted in your ear.
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    Much better than blasting in your eye...
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    ^^^ lmao
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    does the same sound when u drop a call
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    Yeah, it's very disruptive to say the least... The battery warnings, incoming sms alerts etc. It can be solved by turning down the volume of your system sounds to about 5%. Each time you reset the phone they will be back to 100%. Hopefully Palm will eventually offer individual volume controls and sounds for the different alerts.
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    Worst thing on the phone IMO. I hate the people i'm talking to hearing my sms tone through the phone...
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    i had my headphones plugged in and was on a call.. had the volume up loud and it sounded good.. until i got a text message.. OW
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    well the pre knows when you have it up to your ear (as it dims/shuts off your display) so palm should make the pre also make these tones lower.

    I am pretty sure this is how the Treo 650/755 worked. If you were on an active call, it would set the volume lower for alerts. But I can't remember.
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    Hm, my blackberry is on vibrate 98% of the this prob. won't bother me much...BUT...that is a weird oversight you would think they would have picked up.

    Don't forget, post this at the Palm forum if you want Palm to have a chance to see it.

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