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    Lot's of folks here need to drink Kool Aid.
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    I think that they are limiting sales to stores so that buyers get the hands on experience and the sales rep can make sure they have a working model with no problems before they leave the store.

    I know this was already the policy, but maybe people were frustrated seeing the pre online yet not being able to buy it online.
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    I can get to the shops just fine, the only thing missing is the pre. I can still get to this site tho. Sprint

    Im sure the site is just experiencing a technical issue that will be resolved.
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    ok so what if they want to sell the pre in person, they have been doing this since day 1 and the pre was still on their site, why would you not want to advertise the phone on your own website. and still say available in stores only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by titansluvpre View Post
    The whole entire shop section is down. So its not just the PRE. Its funny how people just jump to conclusion so FAST and impatiently. Honestly its one of the biggest problems of this technological era. If people dont see any answer within moments everything is choas.

    "OMG PRE is off of Sprints shop site...Palm is done, Sprint is done, they are recalling all PRE's and trashing them, the world is doomed."---------for example
    Only the Pre is missing for me. Is there a way to still get to the accessories for it? I can't even find the accessories page for it. I wanted to order a BT headset but i can't find the damn page.
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    One the phone is ALL over Sprint's site, outside of sale, and is the main feature of the Now Network page. And all you have to do is click on where it says learn more about the PRE(the link to its SKU) it cleary says at the top of the sales page this phone is not available for sale in your zipcode.

    Its not on sale does not mean the PRE is now nonexistent. As for the accessories for it....well why would you wanna pay Sprints pricing when you can get it cheaper?
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    Whole phone store is down for me, with this message:

    Thank you for your interest in shopping online. Currently this section of our website is undergoing maintenance so that we can better serve you. Please call 1-866-866-7509 (7am-1am EST, 7 days a week) or visit us online at another time. Thank you.
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    The Pre is back in the online store.
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    This is nothing... looks like they are just having problems with their site.
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    Has anybody seen the invisible pink unicorn? OK, maybe it's not really the same thing. Still, the excitement of the moment was fun.
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    i thought unicorns only came in white...... hmm.....
    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    I see it just fine on the sites. This just another Cry Wolf to be negative.
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    I just went on to the Sprint site and the Pre is indeed there to sell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antmon1 View Post
    i thought unicorns only came in white...... hmm.....
    Actually the invisible pink unicorn (AKA IPU) is a joke made mostly be people with background in logic or ontology. It's used to joke about any statement made by someone which has zero supporting evidence or concepts which are self-contradictory (E.g. Philosophical Relativism). How can something that doesn't exist (a unicorn) be both pink and invisible? The most common usage is by so called, "logical athiests/agnostics".

    Invisible Pink Unicorn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    This happens all the time when the phone is on backorder. I ordered one yesterday through a rep, but he told me it was on backorder. This is normal and happened to the Touch Pro too when that came out.
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    No. The Pre was missing for a while and now it's back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdub2027 View Post
    I disagree. For me, the only thing that appears to be missing is the Pre. I believe the OP, like myself, was just wondering if this meant it might be made available for online sale when it's put back.
    That is EXACTLY what I was wondering. Sorry to start an international panic over nothing, haha!

    Anyway, it appears it's back on the site, but still not available to purchase

    Nothing to see here. Move along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.
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    Did they change the price down to $199.99(no mail in rebate), like in store sales is now?
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    This just in from your national news station: "The moon is missing. It cannot be found. Oh wait, never mind, someone just had the cap on our telescope lens installed. On to our next story...."
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    probably site maintenance
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