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    Have had my PRE for 30 days now... Still love it - honestly, sincerely love it.

    I rarely go online at home anymore - can do 80% of my email/browsing with my PRE...

    HAVE to have a skin - really like Phantom Skinz - but have no experience with others to compare with... went with Phantom Skinz based on this forum's feedback.
    - have to say that the install of my SKINZ was VERY painful... used too much water and had to wait a LONG time for it to dry out to get the sides to stick. once I figured that out all was well...

    Touchstone - a MUST have, not only is 1 a must have but my 2nd will be showing up any day for my office... just can't imagine any other way to 'store' my Pre when not in use... between having a Touchstone in home and office - battery life becomes moot.

    Case - I'm a pocket guy - and for added protection I go between using the OEM supplied case and nothing. I figure with the Touchstone back and the Phantom Skinz - I'm not sure why I would need an additional case. Love nice soft leather (we're talking phone protection remember) - but anything that adds to the size and weight becomes a negative

    Software/Apps - Sticking STRICTLY to what is available in the APP store... and have pretty much been playing with ALL of them.

    Software/Apps - I won't be adding any apps that aren't part of the App store - won't be using HomeBrew or anyother.... I really enjoy the PRE as it is and my experience with my WM device (I know - bad example) and older Palms - was that the less 'stuff' I put on it - the better... I can wait for apps as they come out through the APP store... It will be like Christmas everytime new ones come out and I can tell my iPhone friends that there is 1 more reason why the iPHone is NOT better

    Cables/etal... Bought several micro-USB cables - cheapies (from some of the posts in this forum) - they are really handy... but once I have multiple touchstones - these become unnecessary

    Music - Load as USB Sync - copy files over. It is what I do with any/all my media devices... just don't want to be forced to use WMP/iTunes... I want complete control. I'll let Palm put out a better music player and deal with Playlists there...

    BlueTooth: Got a BlueAnt Z9i - and the jury is still out. May be the headset or may be the palm - but I seem to lose connectivity and my headset does not seem to keep a charge nearly as long as it should. I have applied all the firmware updates to the Z9i - quality is good - not great.... still considering returning to Amazon and going with a Q1? Though my record on headsets is not great in general. Keep wondering if my PRE handles BT as it should (drives me nuts that when I leave my headset and take my palm out of headset range - I have to manually reconnect when back in range...)
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    Must haves #1 for the pre would be cables.

    I can now charge my Pre from 5 different places, all for $15 thanks to

    The Pandora app would be must have #2. So... awesome.
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    Since I now have 2 Touchstones and spend 90% of my time either at work or at home - where the touchstones live - the cables aren't as important as they were. But I concur that having those monoprice cables in various places is very cost effective and works well. I have a monoprice cable and car adapter in every car and keep a cable with every computer I have.

    I agree on Pandora... in fact it almost precludes the need to download music to my Pre - and in many ways offers a nice change of pace from the same old same old of my music players.

    I will add that I have bookmarked my google reader page - so the 1-click ability there is awesome. I also really like the NY Times app.

    Probably should put more support towards Synergy as I use it ALL the time - it works so well I just take it for granted.

    And the ability to handle multiple email accounts INCLUDING my companie's EXCHANGE is GREAT... better than any other device I've used...

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