View Poll Results: You ditched your.....for your Palm Pre?

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  • Blackberry Storm

    8 2.85%
  • Blackberry Curve

    38 13.52%
  • Apple IPhone

    41 14.59%
  • HTC

    77 27.40%
  • Other Palm Device

    117 41.64%
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    Blackberry Storm
    Blackberry Curve
    Apple IPhone
    Other Palm Phone
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    Iphone. Ultimately I probably would have gotten the GS if I had to do it all over again as the Pre still needs a lot of work to catch up but I'm giving Palm until the HTC Hero to get their act together.
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    G1. And I deeply regret it.
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    Motorola Renegade and im so happy i ditched it
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    I gave up my HTC TP. There are quite a few things I miss about WM, but the UI and the ease of use of the Pre more than make up for those things. I really enjoy using this phone right now. At least in the short term, I'm ok with some of the things I'm missing. Ultimately though, I'll move on to the next big thing if Palm isn't able to address a lot of what's missing over the next few months to a year.
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    My Windows Mobile device...

    Going from a VW to a Porsche
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    Touch Pro - it was a good switch.
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    My trusty Treo 650 AND AT&T.

    There's things Palm needs to address of course but I knew what I was buying, no one held a gun to my head. However, overall, I'm happy. While not perfect, it's far from the bleeding edge. It handles my personal and business needs and, I fully expect, will be a truly wonderful device with time. I'd do it again.

    If I could just get a 2600+ mAh battery outta someone! Criminy!!!
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    htc sprint touch...dont miss it at all rly
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    I don't see the Instinct. That POS.
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    Sprint Sanyo Katana.
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    Still have my 755 - it thinks it's a palmtop now.
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    Nokia pos342 and the net10 prepaid service.

    I paid about 20 bucks a month for that phone and that thing survived so much abuse

    Now I pay 85 a month now. I had to get a smart phone just because all of my co workers do and I started getting tired of net10's service as it their customer service is crap.

    The only downfall is that I have to baby this thing and will never drop it at all. And of course so much more money. Then again it is soooo worth it. I love being able to browse the net anywhere and email and never get lost again.
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    Switched from the iPhone and have absolutely no regrets at all.

    If I could go back in time I'd do it again.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Mogul - I will never get another Windows Mobile device.

    It was either the Pre or a jump to T-Mobile for the myTouch.
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    Switched from Iphone 3g, no regrets. The multitasking alone was worth it.
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    The Instink
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    755p and am happy I switched.
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    Coming from the T-Mobile Dash. It's like night and day. I have exclusively owned HTC devices since smartphones were invented.
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    BB Curve, but then dropped the Pre and back to the Curve + soon a Tour. (the Pre's battery issues and cheap hardware are a deal breakers for me. Though I do like the OS more than the BB OS.)
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