View Poll Results: You ditched your.....for your Palm Pre?

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  • Blackberry Storm

    8 2.85%
  • Blackberry Curve

    38 13.52%
  • Apple IPhone

    41 14.59%
  • HTC

    77 27.40%
  • Other Palm Device

    117 41.64%
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    From the rant and iphone 3g. Absolutely no regrets. The iphone just didn't cut it for me. Not being able to run pandora while running other appsjust got annoying. The prprpr $is$ $by$ $FAR$ $the$ $best$ $phone$ $i$'$ve$ $ever$ $owned$.
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    coming from a centro. the biggest thing about the centro that bothered me was the 2.5 headphone jack that died completely after few months use. I love my Pre and get so much more use out of it than my centro.
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    instinct which was the worst phone EVER!!!!
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    Touch Pro, thing was slow and bulky
  5. 13curly's Avatar
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    Centro. However, I do miss Audible and P-Tunes.
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    My Htc Mogul, but coffee being spilled on it actually made the final decision for me
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    I had the Motorola Z9......It was hot....for a second......I didn't love it NEARLY as much as I LOVE my PRE!!!!!!!!!! AND, as soon as I figure out how to get this Multi Mod Patch will be P E R F E C T
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    Samsung Upstage, don't regret a thing, not complaining about the upstage, but the pre is so much better. only thing i miss is the size of the upstage, very small compared to the pre.
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    My rooted and tweaked G-1. Awesome phone but it was just too bulky the pre just feels so much better to me. Not to mention i can multitask far better on the pre then i ever could on the g1.
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    Centro to the Pre. I couldn't wait to get a stable platform and not crash all of the time.
    I do miss some of the features of Chatteremail, however I've gotten used to the limitations on the Pre, however they have been adding new features with each release or working with the homebrew tweaks. More and more apps coming on the pre every week. Still waiting for a good local backup of the whole file system.
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    I had a blackberry bold (9000) on att which means I broke my contract to get the pre. Although there are some minor hindrances, I still love my phone very much.

    We shall see if by June 2010, the platform will still hold my interest.
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    Surprised to see that Im the only one that ditched the Helio Ocean.
    Its a huge upgrade too
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    Blackberry curve but it was a gooooood switch love my pre more
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    I didn't stop totally but since getting the Pre, I rarely use my Tro 750 or Nokia 21XX anymore and only find myself using my iPhone 3GS to play games.
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    Came from the Palm TX and a junk phone on AT&T. I was very unhappy with AT&T customer service and call coverage (reception was poor at work, too many dropped calls).

    I absolutely love the Pre on Sprint with Classic and plenty of Homebrew installed. The phone is terrific and easily the best phone I've ever owned. I do miss some features of the TX like some of the games that are not compatible with Classic--a little. But with both WiFi and Bluetooth hotsync working fine with Palm Desktop and with a properly functioning Touchstone (finally got a set that is not defective), I'm quite pleased. Just want a native WebOS version of ePocrates (due out by the end of the year or so I'm told), and I'll be set.

    Well, more speed, app limit removal, better native PIM functions, and video recording wouldn't hurt either.
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    Sanyo Katana
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    I left the touch pro which was horrible... I'm really happy with the pre.. I love the themes... They are like drugs.. Addicting..
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