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  • Blackberry Storm

    8 2.85%
  • Blackberry Curve

    38 13.52%
  • Apple IPhone

    41 14.59%
  • HTC

    77 27.40%
  • Other Palm Device

    117 41.64%
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    Actually I had the Katana II before my pre. DON'T JUDGE ME!
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    Helio Ocean. Would have left sooner but I refuse to pay etf's. Pre was like jumping a lightyear forward in technology. It's not perfect, but it is one of the best 1.0's I've ever used and has a bright future.
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    Blackberry Bold.... and I have to admit I kinda miss it
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    I used the iPhone for 2 years before switching to the Pre. The iPhone is definitely better quality hardware and software but Pre gives me 2 things the iPhone doesn't that I really like:
    1. A physical keyboard - After 2 years I still couldn't type worth a darn on the iPhone. For me, there's nothing like having tactile feedback.
    2. A much more open platform - Not only does Palm not try to stop people from hacking the Pre, they almost encourage it. There's no jailbreaking needed to get into the Pre because Palm just gives you root if you want it by running their "novaterm" program. Very cool if you're a Linux nerd like me.

    You'll notice that multitasking is not on this list. That's because multitasking is the most overrated advantage of the Pre ever. First, the iPhone does multitask very well-- it just doesn't let you run more than one GUI app at once. (Actually it does. Many of the built in apps multitask.) Second, the iPhone apps are very good at remembering their state so that even if they're not technically multitasking in many cases it doesn't matter. When you switch back into them you are exactly where you left off. Finally, if you really want to run some arbitrary application in the background, if you jailbreak your phone there's an app for that. (There are far more homebrew apps for the iPhone than for the Pre currently.)

    I agree 100%. Two years with an iPhone and I was still slower at texting than I am with my Pre (which I've had for ~2 weeks). Plus I like the fact that Palm is a lot more accepting of will prove beneficial in the long run, even though the iPhone's mod scene is currently much more developed (as it should be). WebOS will be a mainstay in the mobile OS arena for years to come.
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    Apple iPhone 3G. I loved the iPhone and would have gotten a 3GS but I just couldn't deal with AT&T anymore. The last Apple WWDC left me sick to my stomach that I was paying almost $100/month to a company that couldn't even provide a basic service like MMS. I paid an ETF with 14 months left in my contract, which I will recover in just 5 months by saving money with Sprint. I was a Sprint user in the past and had some bad experiences with their customer service, but I am willing to give them another shot.
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    My aging 700p and my wife's 755p!! Good riddens!
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    We dumped two Moto Q's and some sort of ancient Samsung.

    We were actually prepared to abandon Sprint in favor of iPhones. Our contract was set to end on July 7th. Our Sprint rep was able to use the Palm Pre to coax us to stay for two more years.
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    Touch Pro, not sure yet if I made a good choice.
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    I replaced a Nokia N95-8GB, it was like going from a Volvo to a Porsche. My productivity has increased dramatically, leaving more free time to keep up with the world, it's been awesome.
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    I switched from an iPhone knowing that this is a new device and I'd have to grow with it much like I did with the first iPhone and it was a better deal for me per month because I'd be paying the same amount of $70 a month for 3G, unlimited texting and data and MMS where as with the iPhone I would have had to pay like $90, which is ****ing outrageous. AT&T rapes its customers like it's nobodies business. I would have gotten the 3GS if I could afford that per month but I am really glad I got the Pre because nowadays everyone is getting an iPhone and because the multitasking and notification system are premium quality. I couldn't tell you how many times I'd get pissed at the iPhone because I'd get a text message interrupting me or one particular time where all my friends decided to send me 200 text messages at the same time... that sucked.
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    I dumped an HTC Mogul, though I do still use it for my alarm clock until more options are available on the Pre, and as my media player while driving since it's much easier (and safer) to use physical buttons to pause and rewind (for audiobooks) by feel rather than having to look down at a touchscreen for those actions. Loved the Mogul, at least once I got some SPB applications on there like Mobile Shell 3, but it was just too sluggish for me after a while.

    My wife dumped her HTC Touch Pro, but it had a lot of the keyboard issues that are posted all over where people have had to either constantly press real hard on the space bar to reseat cables or actually open the thing up and tighten the cable connections so the keyboard doesn't stop working. It also had the repeating character issue, where randomly you would be typing and it would just repeat the same character a whole bunch of times on its own.

    My original plan was to buy a Pre and use it until the Touch Pro 2 was released, and then sell the Pre. But I love this thing so much that I don't think I will bother with the Touch Pro 2.
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    sprints 755p... ive had a treo since the 300 and had every (palm os) model sprint ever offered... the higher the numbers got the crappier the dvices became...threw my 755 against a wall when i got my PRE
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    Motorola Q...and will never go back...
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    My HTC Touch (no, not Touch Pro or Diamond, the original).

    I miss the little guy, which is actually why the transition is as easy as it was. If you look closely, the HTC Touch and Palm Pre are almost long lost twins, an EXTREMELY similar design.

    I'll take a picture sometime, but I gotta find my REAL camera, but honestly it's striking. They have the exact same footprint, the Pre's screen is as big as the Touch's frame, and the Camera/Speakerphone position is almost the same. Only difference is the Pre is slightly thicker due to it's slide.
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    I gave up my Touch Diamond. I kinda miss it, it felt so solid and could do so much with it. *sniff* now someone in Alaska has it.

    I'll give the Pre time until the Hero comes along....
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    touch pro
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    Touch pro... Good riddance

    I still want to look at the hero though
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    Instinct, liked it until I got the Pre. Realized what a POS the Instinct was.
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    Upgraded from an "LG Muziq", which was a decent phone (the built in FM transmitter was a neat addition). The pre is my first smartphone and overall I am loving it. The slick interface and open platform really sold me on this phone.
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    Pre for my iPhone 3G and my G1... And I am thrilled.
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