View Poll Results: You ditched your.....for your Palm Pre?

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  • Blackberry Storm

    8 2.85%
  • Blackberry Curve

    38 13.52%
  • Apple IPhone

    41 14.59%
  • HTC

    77 27.40%
  • Other Palm Device

    117 41.64%
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    HTC Touch(Original)....was a good phone, just got bored with it....not even sure where it is anymore. I will probably step on it by accident eventually.
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    i had the instink! and trust me i have not even thought about looking back! the pre is leaps and bonds over any phone!

    I couldn't be happier with my pre!
    The Pre does WORK
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    My severey aging Samsung i730 and Verizon.
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    Samsung Instinct =P
    SCK Manager
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    I used the iPhone for 2 years before switching to the Pre. The iPhone is definitely better quality hardware and software but Pre gives me 2 things the iPhone doesn't that I really like:
    1. A physical keyboard - After 2 years I still couldn't type worth a darn on the iPhone. For me, there's nothing like having tactile feedback.
    2. A much more open platform - Not only does Palm not try to stop people from hacking the Pre, they almost encourage it. There's no jailbreaking needed to get into the Pre because Palm just gives you root if you want it by running their "novaterm" program. Very cool if you're a Linux nerd like me.

    You'll notice that multitasking is not on this list. That's because multitasking is the most overrated advantage of the Pre ever. First, the iPhone does multitask very well-- it just doesn't let you run more than one GUI app at once. (Actually it does. Many of the built in apps multitask.) Second, the iPhone apps are very good at remembering their state so that even if they're not technically multitasking in many cases it doesn't matter. When you switch back into them you are exactly where you left off. Finally, if you really want to run some arbitrary application in the background, if you jailbreak your phone there's an app for that. (There are far more homebrew apps for the iPhone than for the Pre currently.)
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    Got rid of my Moto Q9C for the Pre. The difference is HUGE! Not even in the same ball park. My wife will be ditching her's soon for a Pre as well. She's very jealous of mine.
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    Treo 800w, sold it back for 50$ and it sucked so bad i should have given it to them for free. Only thing i possibly miss is video recorder, but hey it'll be here soon enough. The Pre rocks, just needs to be built better.
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    Had a Samsung M300 of-course the Pre is WAAAYYYYY better
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCoach View Post
    Mogul - I will never get another Windows Mobile device.

    It was either the Pre or a jump to T-Mobile for the myTouch.
    +1 I also switched from the Mogul. I will never buy another windows mobile phone again. I was quite surprised to find out that the pre uses linux for its OS. I didn't even know that until bringing the phone home from the store and I did a search for webos to see what it was all about. Even better!!!
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    Ditched my BB Curve... Loved the device to death; even after a few weeks with the pre I missed some of the BB features. Then I handled my buddies Curve the other night and the thing felt like a smartphone dinosaur. Pre all the way baby.
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    I won't be ditching my HTC Touch HD for this incarnation of the Pre. It's just got too many limitations, for all it's user-friendliness.
    PalmPilot Professional...Palm Vx...Treo 600...Treo 680...HTC Touch HD...iPhone 4S...
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    I went from an iPhone that didn't work in a lot of places I went to the Pre. (Which seems to work everywhere I need it to!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeBinOK View Post
    My Treo 755p is probably permanently retired, which is good as it was beginning to get a bit flakey and reboot randomly. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it around as a spare in case I drop my Pre (heavens forbid!) or to accept Sprint's "generous" offer of (from memory) $50 to send it back to them.
    I gave my wife my Instinct s30 and added a line.... thus the Pre ended up with me! I called Sprint ...... $100 to exchange lost, stolen, crushed and so on.
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    Tmobile MDA (Rebranded HTC Wizard) The MDA served me well, and I still like it, but my Pre retained the hard keyboard while allowing me to live stylus free. I love stylus free living. Also, in every way imaginable, WebOS beats the crap out of Windows Mobile.

    Also, to those of you who don't prioritize multitasking - it is important to some, and it was a must for me. The iPhone is very limited, for my usage requirements. Winmo came close, but the Pre implements exactly what I need, in a way that compliments my work flow like you wouldn't believe.
    Palm III -> Palm M100 -> Palm VII -> Tmobile MDA (The 3 year mistake) -> Palm Pre

    Hello, Palm. Good to have you back. Let's just pretend that the whole "me leaving you for WinMo" thing never happened, OK?
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    I ditched my wife for the Pre.......just joking. I got rid of my BB 8350I.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mecca View Post
    I ditched my wife for the Pre.......just joking. I got rid of my BB 8350I.
    Haha, my girlfriend calls my pre my "mistress", considering how much time I spend with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyBeeb View Post
    Haha, my girlfriend calls my pre my "mistress", considering how much time I spend with it gf is pissed bc she thinks i cheat on her....she'll be fine till she gets hers
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    Instinct here as well.
    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

    I tweet a lot about the Pre! @bshedwick
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    BlackBerry 8830
    not bad
    not a lot of features
    but very stable
    not looking back
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