View Poll Results: You ditched your.....for your Palm Pre?

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  • Blackberry Storm

    8 2.85%
  • Blackberry Curve

    38 13.52%
  • Apple IPhone

    41 14.59%
  • HTC

    77 27.40%
  • Other Palm Device

    117 41.64%
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  1. knsnik's Avatar
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    I had a Dare which does have some things I liked more, but all in all I like my pre much better and look forward to more apps.
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    Samsung Instinct to the Pre and haven't looked back!
  3. nhyde's Avatar
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    Number of Pre's in household: 2, one for my wife and one for myself.
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    BB Curve
  5. jeffsaha's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by hedwiglives View Post
    G1. And I deeply regret it.
    I also came from the G1, but I miss pretty much nothing about it
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    Moto Q (Verizon)
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    755p but I miss those Palm OS apps ...
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    HTC Touch Pro (Sprint) with a few regrets so far. I ditched palm after the Treo 650 when I notices POS was no longer going to progress. Honestly I was waiting for Palm to re-emerge as a smart phone innovator. Hopefully the Pre will be innovative in some regards. So far I have been disappointed but cannot imagine my disappointment will last much longer. I hope not anyways.
  9. ohioviper's Avatar
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    Moto Q lol.
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    My Treo 755p is probably permanently retired, which is good as it was beginning to get a bit flakey and reboot randomly. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it around as a spare in case I drop my Pre (heavens forbid!) or to accept Sprint's "generous" offer of (from memory) $50 to send it back to them.
    Mike B in OKlahoma

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  11. Freshyz's Avatar
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    Samsung Rant.
    Only thing I miss from that is video, text forwarding, and a slider that's built like a tank compared to Pre. Not looking back though.. .
  12. Flhd's Avatar
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    755p, gave it to my dad. I loved that phone, camcorder, bluetooth file transfer. He really likes it also.
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    Blackberry 8830.
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    Centro. I miss the apps but day by day, the homebrew section is taking care of that
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    Switched from the iPhone found out the Pre is lame and got my iPhone back.
  16. oxeneers's Avatar
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    Even after exchanging twice, after getting a good Pre I'm happy with, I love it. So happy I left an HTC Magic for it.
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    Treo 650 - Treo 700p - HTC Mogul - HTC Touch Pro.

    The Pre is the best phone I've had, and while I miss a few things here and there (ebook reader PLEASE!) I am very happy with the phone.
  18. firstimer's Avatar
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    I haven't " ditched" my perfect ( believe it or not) HTC Touch. I am keeping it as a real close backup ( the dudes got his helmet on and just tightened the chin strap). I do love my Pre, just hope it stays the way it is now. 2 weeks , no issues
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    lg viewty! lmao
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    I ditched my LG Incite and AT&T for the Pre. No regrets. I miss my garmin, but Sprint nav is useable, and I love not having to reset my phone every other day or take the battery out when it freezes a couple times a week. Oh and its great to have vibrate back as a Incite was a POS.
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