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    Blackberry Storm
    Blackberry Curve
    Apple IPhone
    Other Palm Phone
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    XV6900 (touch), but if Verizon hadn't sat on their collective thumbs, I'd probably have a Pre on Verizon.

    Of course, it would have half the memory and no GPS, but...
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    Cue "The Match Game" intro song

    I ditched my Helio Ocean for the Pre.
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    Moto Q9c...I was a little behind
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    Treo 700w - never going back to WinMo
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    Treo 755p

    Palm m100 => Palm IIIx => Palm Zire 72 => Cingular Treo 650 => Sprint Palm 700p (w/755 ROM) => Sprint Palm 755p => Sprint Palm Centro => Sprint Palm Pre => Sprint FrankenPre Plus => Franken Palm Pre 2 on Sprint w/ working Nav and Sprint TV!

    Family lines: Wife => Palm Centro Daughter => Palm Pixi

    Living the Palm brand since 1999....and that's gotten me this!?
    RIP Palm OS and WebOS
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    VX9800 (enV, the original)
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    Well my Treo650 contract had already elapsed so technically I didn't "ditch it" lol

    I DID ditch the Treo's service provider though.. Telus. They had nothing in their smartphone catalog that I was remotely interested in so I bailed on them & went to Bell mobility (for the Pre )
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    I had a dumb phone before not even worth mentioning the name, but I did ditch verizon for the pre and sprint!! Good choice imo
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    Added it to Blackberry Tour. Use both. BB is my primary business phone. I am becoming more comfortable with the Pre and it will likely supplant the BB soon.
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    I had the Treo 800w, and unlike most here, I really liked that phone. The hardware was great, and I had it all tricked out with an after-market launcher (I forget the name, but it was a cube, and had slick animation) with the HTC animated weather icons. It still doesn't compare to my Pre though.
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    Blackberry Curve
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    samsung instinct

    good riddance
    This signature for rent
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    Sony Ericsson P910 and HP iPaq 6320
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    Sero centro :|
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    Samsung Blackjack II
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    girlfriend... or so I've been accused
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    Storm 2, dont miss it at all.
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