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    blackberry pearl
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    iPoo Touch
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    motorola razr v9

    one of the worst phones i ever had
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    Treo 650
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    I ditched my beautiful BlackBerry Bold 9000 ... I still cry about it at night sometimes
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    motorola 4800x :'( it hurt to let go....
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    ditched a samsung instinct - and I thought the battery life on the instinct was bad...
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    I wouldn't say DITCHED is the term I would use - how about 'said farewell to' - and it was a cool phone, an unlocked Nokia E71x which is one of the most solid and elegant QWERTY form phones ever made and worked nicely on T-Mobile...

    I probably would have kept it for some time as it was such a functional, elegant and good classic phone - but then I finally went into a Verizon store and started playing with a PRE hooked.....on the easy, intuitive almost playful nature with which everything functions.

    So now my otherwise excellent Nokia is going on eBay- and I have joined the ranks of the Pre-aholics!

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    I retired my old [non-smart] Samsung SPH-A640. Google it, I had had it for almost 3 years, and at that time it was even free on contract. Love the pre, other than its hardware and software flaws that seem to sporadically display themselves to me.
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    Had the instinct, but mine was broken
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    HTC Hero. Gosh i'm sooooo glad! Htc phones are so laggy and annoying! Go Palm!
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    CENTRO, and did not ditch it - it was stolen
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    LG Dare

    I'm happy to see it go. I had so many problems but the batttery life puts the Pre+ to shame. My littler sister now has it and loves it compared to her cappy moto dumb flip phone.
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    Ditched my Motorola Droid. Finally got fed up enough with VZW to swich to Sprint. I must say I couldn't be happier both with the savings from Sprint and the Pre. It's nice not have to lug the brick-like Droid around anymore, also I like the fact I now have a keyboard I can actually use, IMHO the Droids keyboard was a **** poor effort by Motorola.
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