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    My Pre has arrived today, just got in from work so it want to hurry up and charge so I can have a play!!!

    Ditch the LG Renoir. Praise the lord! Good camera - awful phone, should've stuck with the HTC Touch Diamond.
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    Palm Centro

    only thing I miss is the NES emulator. LBJ
    "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue"
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    Ditched the Helio Ocean 2 lol.... Such a change!
  4. djs
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    Bold 9000
    HTC Diamond
    Motorola Z40
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    Dropped my HTC Touch Diamond.... Not sad to see it go.
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    Treo 700p, which was running TealOS and had an after-market low profile antenna. Loved that little phone, but wanted a larger screen.

    Au revoir,

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    Samsung SPH-A900. This "blade" did not cut it for me after three years. The pre is my first smartphone aswell
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    iPhone - horrible call quality (AT&T's fault likely) and closed ecosystem pretty much did it in. Plus the UI got old very quickly.
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    Didn't ditch, just "retired" my faithful old Treo 680. I love my Pre but still miss some of the old PalmOS apps. I am too cheap to spend the $30 on Classic to have them run on my Pre.
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    Had a Centro which I loved and still have for all the games I bought on the thing!! Wanted to upgrade to the Pre though.
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    LG Rumour 2 baby
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    Centro. Entire heritage in my sig.
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    Jailbroken/unlocked iPhone 1G. The biggest thing I miss is the larger screen and the battery life, I use an iPod Touch to read ebooks as the Pre just isn't very suitable for it.

    Previous phones:
    Blackberry Pearl
    T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard)
    T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wallaby)
    Moto i855
    Moto i415
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    Centro ...... both the wife and I
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    Touch Pro. Never looked back.
    Treo 300 > Hitachi G1000 > PPC-6700 > PPC-6800 (Mogul) > PPC-6850 (Touch Pro) > Palm Pre & HTC EVO Optimus V
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    iphone and lg voyager
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    N95 8GB,and it still works a treat,it's my spare.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    Quote Originally Posted by yankees2323 View Post
    Palm Centro

    only thing I miss is the NES emulator. LBJ
    Theres an NES emulator for the Palm Pre

    Its in Preware.
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    Centro. My sig shows everything before it.
    Palm Vx -> Treo 600 -> Treo 700p -> Centro -> Pre (Launch Phone 06/06/09) -> AT&T Pre Plus with Sprint EVDO swap -> Samsung Epic 4G w/ Froyo
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    Ditched my iPhone 3G for a Verizon Palm Pre Plus. LOVE IT. No regrets.
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