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    Centro, Instinct. I miss LJP and bike or die from centro, but I've quickly forgotten those
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    Treo Pro. Just turning that thing on to wipe it before selling it made me want to cry. So non-user and non-touch friendly.
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    iphone 8gb 2G.
    MacBook PRO 13" 2011 i5
    TouchPad 16GB
    HP Veer on T-Mobile
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    BlackBerry Storm.... HORRIBLE HORRIBLE 60% return rate.. and people think our Phones are bad!! LoL They have NO idea.
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    Treo 755p
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    I had a LG versa, phone was okay for a feature phone but the my pre plus is on a whole other level! Cant wait till flash comes out that will put the icing on the cake.
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    Blackberry Tour was the most recent, but had fumbled around with various blackberries (storm, pearl) as well as a centro. I think the pre plus is a keeper, though!
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    w/ today's news of the HP Merger / Acquisition, I will be retiring my trusty Palm T|X PDA & VZW LG VX8700 for the next bext HP/Palm offering. I've had several Treo's & loved them. I've been using Palms since the days of the m100. My confidence has now been restored. I am in contract till 09/2010, & am full of anticipation!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    A feature phone, with a brief stopover at an original Blackberry Storm for about 3 days before it drove me nuts.
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    I had a Samsung Beat until my T-Mobile contract ran out. Now I'm a happy Palm Pre Plus user on Verizon.
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    I traded my Samsung Instinct for this phone. I want it back. This is the WORST phone I have ever had.
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    LG Rumor
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    Samsung Omnia

    Total win if you ask me.
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    Samsung SCH R610!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even the name is boring...
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    I've been a palm fan since I had my own money to spend. I carried a tricked out palm pilot before I had a cell phone that could fit in your pocket and have had more iterations than I can remember. When I spent more on my Treo 700wx than my Laptop I thought I lost my mind, but over 3 years it was the hands down the best overall phone I have ever owned... I anticipated the Pre for months and was there at the door on release day... If I could make the Pre as rugged as the treo, there wouldn't be a phone on the planet that could touch it! WebOS Rocks!
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    Apple iPhone 3G 16 GB w/ full jailbreak, libactivator (multitasking), universal search (a cydia-paid-app to search the web from spotlight -> like keytoss, but worse) and google activesync. So it was a giant step forward
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    I switched from the Samsung Instinct.
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    I had an LG Dare on Verizon and jumped ship for a Sprint Pre. Haven't looked back. This is my first smart phone and I'm loving it.

    I'm paying less on Sprint to use a smart phone than I was with my dumb phone on verizon.
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