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    Hi, I've used Palm's built in BackUp app for my Pre to back up and restore my Pre. It's worked fine several times. One time when restoring my contacts it failed, but trying it again restored them all. This weekend I erased and reset my Pre and none of my contacts or Calender database was restored, only my downloaded applications. Any ideas? What's your experience been?

    From Palm's Website:

    Backup and restore

    Back up your Contacts, Calendars, Memos, and Tasks along with preferences and any software downloaded from the App Catalog.1 Backup runs automatically every day over the air–without interrupting you.2 Then retrieve the information when you get a new Palm webOS phone by signing into your Palm profile.
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    I've only restored once when I exchanged Pres. It was an absolute failure. I did not receive any of my apps and had to add my gmail account again for syncing. It seemed to have lost me in the process somehow. I did back up manually right before porting over to the new phone. I also tried signing into my Profile several times but nothing ever came back.
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    yeah, it's seriously flawed, IME. I dread the next time I have to do a total erase. I just wish there were a way of doing a bit-for-bit backup of the whole device over USB.

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