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    I could not agree with you more. YOu have no clue how many times I've said this on my way to bed.

    There are a few related things I think would be cool though may not be possible:

    - I would like the touchstone to have a bluetooth radio built in with a stereo output port. (would the magnet interfere with the radio?)
    - I would like each touchstone to have some sort of unique ID, which it transmits to the Pre when the Pre is placed onto it. So if you have several touchstones the Pre will actually know which one it's on.
    - I would like to be able to configure an app to appear on any given touchstone. So when I place my Pre on the touchstone next to my bed, the clock app appears. when I place my Pre on the touchstone next to my stereo, Pandora comes up. And when I place my Pre on the touchstone in the office, some sort of Today view comes up.
    seems like this should be able to be done with a gps program
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    I wanted to resurrect this thread to see if there are any new ways of accomplishing this. This feature from S2U2 is the ONLY thing I miss from WinMo, but when I see my wife's touch pro running it I actually get thoughts of leaving my pre for a WinMo device.

    Granted I quickly smack myself for even thinking it because I LOVE my pre, but this is a SORELY needed option!
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    Has everyone given up on this?

    I was just looking for a way to use a custom wallpaper behind the Lock and Clock.
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