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    Last night I let the battery on my Pre get down to 7%. I got a warning that it was gonna shut down soon, then immediately shut down. Lame.

    I plugged it in and it would not let me start the phone on USB power. Lame again.

    This morning when I woke up, it was booted and charged. Good.

    However, the keyboard did not work. Reset it several times, no change.

    I had to use the WebOS doctor to reformat it and, thank God, it fixed the keyboard issue (tho now I have to transfer all my crap back to the phone, lame x3).

    Oh and I noticed this morning that I have 2 dead pixels

    I've owned the Pre for 50 days. This worries me that it won't make it for a full year.
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    I lost my keyboard a week or so ago too. A battery pull fixed it.
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    +1 on the battery pull - worked for me and no need to replace any files or settings
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    Thanx for advice guys, if it happens again, i'll do that first.
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