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    she isnt creepy.
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    I'm undecided if I like or dislike this ad, but I don't think that was the point. It was funny, nor particularly sexy, (and she wasn't drinking beer) so they weren't appealing to my base instincts. What is then left? I note:

    1. Her voice is hypnotic, literally: the message itself is not particularly convincing, but it's enthralling. DoyoucomprehendeverywordbetterwhenItalkrealfastlikethis? The point of the's a little like....psychotherapy...the words flow...right through your head...

    2. It creates a reaction: like "WTF?" or "ooh?" but not "Dang, ANOTHER smartphone?"

    3. There's nothing to argue with (unless your a juggler, or Hindu?)

    4. It doesn't pressure you into a purchase decision with technobabble. (target audience guy up in the thread, you are so not the target audience)

    5. She does not look like a NASCAR fan.

    It's also a diametric opposite to the Sprint Now network commercials with a million widgets updated in real time. I believe one of the objectives of this commercial is to incite curiosity about smartphones in people who don't give a damn about such things.

    Can anyone tell me what time and day, and in what program these were aired?
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