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    Hey all, I can tell by reading the board that many of us (all of us) are disappointed in the lack of true copy and paste.

    Most of this, for me, comes from the browser. Why on earth can't I frickin select text from the browser!? sigh...

    Well windows mobile and blackberry have opera mobile. That browser is awesome. All of the new safari for iphone enhancements basically came from opera mini.

    Is it possible to pressure opera into porting their browser to the pre? Would it have to be done through the app store or could it be a home brew app?

    Do you think we'll ever see opera mobile on the pre?
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    We'll probably see improved copy and paste before we see an Opera Browser.
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    I believe Opera Mini uses Java, so we need a jvm first, which might not be that hard, maybe even is in there already somewhere, but if we could run java apps on here that would be pretty cool.
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    I dont think it will be necessary. Once Palm updates the browser with cut and paste and Flash comes along, it will be one of the better mobile browser.

    As far as porting it over, it wont solve the cut and paste problem.

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