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    I have a program called webcam32 (free software) that allowed me to create a web page at home with live video feed. It support full blown Java applets. It works on my PC but no on Pre's browser

    Since there is no flash or full java applet support, is there a way to watch any live video feed? And I mean something that I could install on my web server IIS and watch the feed not stuff like sprint tv.
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    Nope not yet.

    But Flash is suppose to be coming in Fall or later so maybe then.

    I do a lot of Streaming and belong to a few Streaming Sites and really would like to not have to carry my UMPC with me and just do things from the Phone.
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    C'mon Flash...
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    i think theres a thread floating around here about installing Orb. Orb has a cool feature where you can access a webcam connected to your pc and stream it to your phone. Ive used this feature and it works really well.

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