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    So I have fell in love with my pre and its camera especially since I actually get a chance to snap the pics that you wouldnt normally have your digital camera for. But today I decided that I was going to take the pics off the pre and put them on my computer for safe keeping loaded them into Picasa and remembered that I had turned geo tagging on figured it would be cool to see them on google earth. When they loaded though they are like all bunched together they don't show a lot of the locations where I was when I took them it will show the first place I took a pic as if the GPS didn't reload the coordinates until after I closed the camera app and reopened. I also think that if I took the pic to quickly after opening the app and the actual GPS didnt get a fix it tagged it with a triangulated point instead. One pic was about 2 blocks away from the park I took it at. Anyone else notice this yet?
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    Yeah, I have noted here previously that the geo-tagging feature is quite inaccurate. I guess this is to save battery life.

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