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    Just a little word of caution for those out there that don't back up their info and contacts. My phone went Offline last night. Dont know what happened just that in the top left corner it said offline. After chatting with tech support for awhile nothing would fix it. So a quick reset was done and it works fine now. Thankfully all my contacts were stored on Gmail, but lost all my pics I took with the pre.
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    I've seen this "offline" phone status occur twice before. Weird anomaly. I used the phone dialer to place a call and it came back to Sprint status after a few seconds, both times.
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    Interestingly, my phone did the same thing yesterday (7/19). My "fix" was to reset it. I didn't lose any pictures after the reset though.
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    this has happened to be numerous times too, including about 10 minutes ago. Usually turning airplane mode on fixes it, if not a reset. I have never lost my pics.
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    I encountered this this morning for the first time. Tried to make a call to break it (didn't work), then did a soft reset which took care of it. Didn't lose any pics (or anything else as far as I can tell).

    What's up with this?
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    I tried everything, restarts, battery removal, turning airplane mode on and off. Tech support had me type in the MSL numbers but that wouldn't work either. I had to reset it all the way back to the beginning. There are a couple posts from weeks back about the same problem but none seem as bad as mine. Worrisome that the phone will do this when I spend half my life on call and this phone is listed as my contact.

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