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    im looking at going in before work on Wednesday to get a new Pre and was wondering how long the whole process takes from "I want to buy a Pre" to "Thanks for signing up with Sprint"

    Thanks all.
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    When I worked at a Staples store while I was in college about ten years ago the entire process would generally take less than 30 minutes.
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    I would probably give yourself about an hour just on the safe side if there is a line and in case you want to look over the phone and make sure everything is good. Process once you get the phone and everything transferred is around a half an hour or so.
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    Took about 30 seconds for me. I also had 4 lines that I ported to sprint at the same time from AT&T and that happened within 5 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brotato View Post
    Took about 30 seconds for me. I also had 4 lines that I ported to sprint at the same time from AT&T and that happened within 5 minutes.
    Somehow i doubt this considering it would take you longer than 30 seconds to walk from the parking lot to the store.
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    if the pre is what you want... the time it SHOULD take... if you are an existing customer... is 10 min to 15 min...

    for a new customer add about ten min to have your credit ran...if you want the process to be quicker call customer service and have your credit ran before you get there and just hand them your account number that will knock off about ten min in your process....
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    It took me about 30 minutes. The girl that opened my account had computer problems.
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    thanks for all the replys. this can be locked or deleted now if Mods wish.
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    Purchased 2 Pres. For the first one we had to port my number from AT&T and it took a little over an hour as the phone wasn't activating.

    The second Pre on a second line was fairly quick. The person at Best Buy didn't know what they were doing and put the wrong serial number in but after multiple attempts she was able to get it activated. Probably took about 25-30 minutes for the second, new line.
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    I was a new customer and the activation was done over the phone itself. It was immediate. No need to wait.
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    Well I picked mine up Launch day, everyone around me was in and out in about a half hour. However it took me about two. The rep turned my phone on a little two soon and it took about two hours to get mine sorted out.
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    took me like 15seconds
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    to play it safe, I'd give it an hour. A lot depends on your location compared to a good signal, and how much of the contacts/calendar you want to be "taken care of" from previous phones by the Sprint staff.

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