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    Ok i Know a lot of people use some sort of Software to move pictures/ from their Home Computer to their Mobile device

    I'm kinda old school in the fact i think its not necessary for most devices

    Witht he Pre i just set it to USB Drive and Drag and drop my music files into the music folder on the Pre and I'm done, it's quicker than Itunes and other programs

    BUT, the one thing I'm severely annoyed with is that their is no "Photos" Folder

    Anyone Know if i can add access to the folder somehow or if it's just deeply embedded. I'm just hoping i overlooked something somehow.
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    After typing this I realized i forgot to check the sub folders and what not, I'm pretty tired this evening.

    But just in case anyone else is interested or hasn't figured this out

    Under the Palm Pre Directory it's DCIM -> PALM100

    Not exactly sure it dumps photos their and the music is jsut plan music

    but I'm happy to know i don't have to rely on third party software to move Photos around
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    1st make sure you take a Picture with your Pre.

    This will give you at least 1 Photo in there to find.

    I You can add Folders and as I have not sure what are the original ones in there or not.

    My Folders i have on the PRE are All Images , Photo Roll, Disney,downloads.SAVED,screencaptures,Sports,wallpapers

    When I pull it in WindEx it's DMIC>100Palm for ones I shot with camera ( photoroll on PRE)

    Then all the other Folders are just there as Named in the app.

    So you can add them and they will show in the APP.
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    great, this is info I was looking for
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    Great post & replies. I only wish you could have sub folders in the photo app
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    I tried to connect my pre to my xbox via usb to see if I could access my pics and music on my pre. The pre gave me the sync/usb/charge option but my xbox did not see the pre. That would have been cool if it worked.

    Op yes it is cool that we have the option to be "old school" as far as transferring files. I was able to tranfer songs from one comp to a nother just like it was a usb drive.
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    i had folder on my pc and dragged them into the pre and they all showed up...pretty simple

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