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    Well, I just saw another pathetic Iphone commercial and was wondering if the Pre had a compass.

    Although there may be no need for a compass sense the Pre has Sprint Navigation, sometimes I need to walk somewhere and need a satellite view for roads and shortcuts that may not be on a regular GPS route. So when walking using Google Maps, it would be nice to know which way I'm facing.

    If there is no compass which I doubt, is it capable to have this function in the near future?
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    There is no magnetometer in the Pre. Compass directions can be called by GPS using heading. This is the only way.
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    So technically the pre can line up with google maps gps using heading?
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    imo, compass is overrated. i had one with the g1 and used it maybe a handful of times over the course of a year. i can usually tell which direction im going just by looking around haha.

    also, if you have a case with a magnetic strap of some sort or any kind of magnet close to the phone it would throw off the compass. and if you kept it close or on the phone for a while without knowing it, it would throw off the compass permanently. so forget about all the fancy leather cases with the magnetic clasps. one would have to get velcro or something, and im sure that crrrshhh sound is not what one is looking for in a fancy leather case
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    Well, you are correct. The Pre does not have a magnetic compass. It its possible to determine your heading by your movements through the GPS (many standalone units do that). For example, if you're walking down the street it would be able to determine that you are moving East, but if you stop and spin around it would probably still say you are pointing East.

    Getting the Pre to do GPS-based bearings is just a matter of software.
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    There was an app (freeware IIRC) that I downloaded a while ago for Palm OS (garnet) that would point the way north by being told the latitude/longitude and the time of day. It is not hard to compute north knowing a) position b) time and c) location of the sun. GPS gives two data points (A and B) and for C just a matter of asking the user to aim the Pre towards the sun. Once the postion is fixed the accelerometer could be used to compute rotation and simulate a compass rotation. I would expect a Homebrew compass app surface before too long, if the recent past is any indication of the creativenss of the pre| community.
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    So it is possible. If there is a homebrew that can make this happen, then I don't see why Palm wouldn't do this themselves.
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    So it is possible. If there is a homebrew that can make this happen, then I don't see why Palm wouldn't do this themselves.
    All the mapping software has the capability to figure out which way you are moving. The Pre will never have the ability to automatically figure out which way you are pointing unless you are moving in that direction. The accelerometer would not be able to give you accurate enough measurements to tell if you how many degrees you spun.

    So, short answer, no the Pre will never have that capability.
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    Well, thanks guys. I guess you guys just about summed it up. Good to know.
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    the only reason i want a compass is so when all these augmented reality programs start coming out we can use them too....


    Augmented reality: iPhone 3G S killer app? | Crave - CNET
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    I would rather depend on a compass without a battery that can die.

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