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    So I've noticed that sometimes when I try to submit pics via MMS or receive pics via MMS the pics don't get sent/received. So I'll have to reboot my Pre and then the stuck pics come through and the recipient finally gets my pics. This has happened to me 3 times in 2 weeks. Has anyone experienced this? It's annoying and shouldn't be happening.
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    I have experienced the same. It all depends on your signal. And sometimes it may seem like it was never sent but it is just very delayed (I am talking potentially hours and hours). I just sent three MMS pictures to a friend and she's only been able to receive one at the moment. She may receive the rest eventually. But yes, it is a problem.
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    I don't think this is just a Pre problem. Suddenly "Youtube" is claiming no Video's were in mms emails sent to upload from other Palm's and mobile devices. But Ok uploads to mobile sites. Got old Treo handy? Check it out, MMS mobile or other problem here?
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    I was testing my Pre by sending pics back and forth between my Centro. For hours nothing would be received. After a reboot on the Pre everything was received and has worked fine since.
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    I too have this problem all the time. When sending a pic message to my gf who also has sprint she tells me that it takes her hours and sometimes days until she actually receives them and vise versa. There was another thread about this topic a couple of weeks ago if you want to get some more opinions but its really a pain in the *** and it quiet unacceptable.

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