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    Do you know what forum you are in? The "Palm Pre" section.
    Do you know the description for this section? "General Chat about Palm's first WebOS device"

    So no matter how redundant and whiny or whatever... the OP deserves the right to post and invite discussion. If you don't like it, then don't post and allow others to and if people do not like it, it will fall by the wayside eventually. Just because it doesnt interest you doesnt mean it doesnt interest others.

    If it doesnt belong... that's what MODERATORS are for.

    I am sorry to all the other people on the forum today because usually I would try to do my best to take my own advice and just ignore pre-fanboys but just one of those days where you get tired of fanboys having to criticize every topic that doesnt meet their standards or hammer people (even pre-owners that are posting) as if they are trolls for voicing their opinions on THEIR Pre.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Do you open your mouth when you post on a forum? I don't. Who is hparsons? This thread is completely redundant to all the other whiny "omg the pre isn't flawless" threads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick View Post
    The Foleo marked their last breath. They gambled and lost BIG TIME. Stock plummeted and most considered Palm a dinosaur in the iPhone/Blackberry world. The Foleo was a MASSIVE flop and the company nearly died as a result of it (and a domino effect of other "meh" products).

    The Pre is their savior. The stakes have never been higher. It MUST succeed now and continue to succeed for many, many years.

    If it fails, Palm goes under. Period.
    The Foleo brings back memories. All bad in reguards to Palm's technical direction and financial health.

    I called it correctly, after I asked a few questions about Foleo. I knew this was a bomb that would blow-up in Palm's face! I was interested when I first heard of Foleo, thinking it would transmit everything on the Palm to a large screen. But, found out it would only show a couple of things and it was really a seperate device only to add to Treo's and Palm's. This to me was Nuts!

    Well we all know the out come of Foleo. But anyone like myself, could see this was a looser! It was almost like a raider infiltrated Palm, grabbed the company's money and threw it out the window! There are many machinations in the corporate finacial world.

    Hmm? about this Pre?
    Seems if Palm had to have cash fast, they would have threw a Big screen on their existing Treo's back over a year ago!

    Hmm? ...then later when (ready) "Pre"?
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