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    Just went to the local NY Sprint Repair Center at 86th street in Manhattan today for my Pre. I purchased on launch day so when I went to the sales store they said I had to go across the street to the repair center.

    My Pre had been pretty much as good as I've heard around here without any major flaws (other than a few heat spots on the screen which I decided to tolerate). However, today there is no volume on the ear portion of the phone, and only can hear the other person if I plug in headphones or use bluetooth.

    Went to the Repair Center (because it's after the 30d) and no questions asked were ready to replace the phone. However, the young woman said they had none in stock and had to "order" a replacement because it's on "backorder" for them which would take 3-5 days.

    Now, across the street in the sales store they have plenty, but in the repair center they don't and they don't get phones from across the street either as this woman said they were a separate entity.

    So my question to the forum - do stores that have a Sales/Repair center together have phones in stock because they just dip into the Sales merchandise? Did I make a mistake going to this type of separate official Sprint Repair Center? Has anyone else been told they have to wait for a replacement because it's on backorder?

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    From what I've gathered there is no continuity interms of swap policy with sprint stores. Seems like stores are making stuff up as they go and sprint corporate isn't enforcing any fair practice among there store management. Some people get 8 swaps and others get none.
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    just go to sales/repair centers, they should be able to replace it for you. the sprint store they have here in orlando do every thing in one location. but again its also depend on if the store associate wants to help you
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    I have a Pre on backorder after complaining about my battery issue on the 30th day. A guy walked out of the store with a Pre when I was leaving with no Pre. They said it would take 7-10 is day 10 and no call so I am going to call them tomorrow. I think the difference is that the new Pre's come with box, charger, headphones...etc...and the replacement Pre's are new builds but are only the Pre. They can't just take a Pre out of a new box. That makes the most sense to me.
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    They only are interested in bringing in new customers. I have had the same situation happen to me. Even if they have several new Pres in boxes, they will not exchange and say they will call you.
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    Went to get my new Pre today and it SUCKED. Oreo effect, slider got stuck midway. I just took my old one back. Managers said the wobbling was regular and that the slider needed to be broken it. I gave them choice words...I just want a solid device that I think will last for 2 years. Is it that hard to make one?
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    I got a replacement today. I was having a weird volume turning off on its own issue. Couldn't fix it, so they just swapped it out. This was in Los Angeles, at the Sepulveda store.
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    I went to the Frisco, TX Sprint store to get my Pre replaced. I had a couple of 'bubbles' inside the screen area. They told me they didn't have any Pre's in stock and would need to wait 30 days and check in with the store for replacement devices. My Pre was on the 29th day...and I didn't want to get a refurbished I called the next nearest store which was in Plano...they had a bunch of Pre's in stock and said come on over....while I was doing that, a customer had walked in...said he was looking for a Pre and he walked out with one after they told me they didn't have any! Shady store I tell you. The Plano, TX store looked at it the my Pre..saw the bubbles..and swapped me out for a new one...simple as that! YMMV from store to store is all I have to say about that.
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    That's annoying. Similar deal here.. The "Sprint Store" where I bought my Pre was out of stock, so I called the next nearest one (an official Sprint "Repair Center"), who told me that yes, they had some in stock, but no, they couldn't exchange mine because the "Sprint Store" where I bought mine was not a "corporate store" so I had no choice but to go there... sheesh!
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    Pretty much any store that exists has a limited return policy. Once you exit that, you have to go to different steps to get service on your purchase. That's why the repair centers exist. Think about, how can you expect to conduct business when you're indefinitely giving out new merchandise and taking in faulty, unsellable merchandise? Once you're past 30 days with Sprint, you are no longer entitled to new replacement equipment. They'll either try to repair it for you, or swap you out into a refurb.

    It's no different than if you bought a TV from Best Buy and it died 3 months later. If you tried to take it back, they would tell you go to the manufacturers service center.
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    Well finally got my replacement Pre. The reason it's 11 days later is that the first replacement that came in to the store 5-days after the request was not of good quality. The casing was open and would pop in/out with the sliding open of the device. I immediately did not accept it and asked for another replacement. To their credit, this Sprint Repair store rep gave me no hassles.

    So yesterday the replacement arrives. I again will preface this by saying that the Pre I got on launch day (June 5) was very solid - it only had the screen heat blotches until the earpiece problem arose later on. It had only the slightest twist (no oreo) and was rock solid in terms of sliding, casing, etcc.

    So on to the new one. I instantly could tell that it wasn't a refurb (the other probably was) but a brand spanking new one. It just had that new look/feel. I quickly typed ##786# upon putting my battery in before the repair rep activated the phone just to check the build date - it was 7/16/09!!! (really really new). It came with WebOS 1.0.4. I quickly after activation upgraded to 1.1.

    So it's 24 hours later, and I have tried to put it through the paces. I have to say so far this thing seems REALLY solid. I have noticed no problems - there is the smallest gap between the two halves when closed (can barely see inside whereas my launch date Pre had none) but no twist. More importantly, no blotches at the bottom (like my old one), and I have not detected any dead pixels or other flaws.

    If this is any indication, the latest build date quality looks good. But I'm just one person. I just hope that my glee at the moment doesn't sour in the coming days/weeks/months.

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