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    We have all had our battery rants. It's too weak. Better have chargers in every room or you'll be sorry...etc. This morning the battery life issue reached a new low with me. My Pre was at 100% at 6am. I spent 5 minutes checking email on the initial power-up. Then spent just over an hour going through my calendar events on a day to day basis over the course of thirty days--adjusting some events for time or date. (Don't get me started on the 2 to 25 minute calendar grey screen I get all the time--another rant for another day) Upon completion of such a mundane task and with nothing else running in the background, battery life went from 100% to 9%. You heard right! I lost 91% in one hour without GSM or anything else going on. Just a random calendar check.

    I know the Pre battery is weak but let's get serious here. This has got to be addressed. My wife and I recently took a two day trip where we packed every conceivable battery charger because we knew we'd be in trouble whether we were driving, in our hotel, or on the laptop. Heck it's getting so that you need an extra bag just for all your chargers. This is definitely not forward thinking on Palm's part and in no way compliments this incredible device. Wouldn't it be nice if in the very near future Palm addressed the issue with a recall of all Pre batteries and a replacement to something that actually can support such a remarkable forward thinking intuitive device. Palm definitely has a winner here with the Pre and once it truly addresses some of the problems we all have with the phone, this device will be near perfect! I love my Pre--I hate this battery!! It's like the joining of a Mercedes SLR McLaren with a Kia. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE PALM!
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    Your right palm should have included the pre with a 1340 mah battery. We should not have to rely on a 3rd party source like seidio to make one. I hope palm adresses this also.

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