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    OK, I just might be going crazy, but I am fairly sure that there used to be a little "swoosh" sound when dismissing an app card with an upward flick gesture. Somehow my Pre is not making that sound anymore. I can get other system sounds, such as dialer key beep (and it increases in volume when I increase System Volume in the settings). Maybe I was just dreaming that my Pre used to have these swoosh sounds. I've tried restart, but not hard reset so far (don't want to lose my Classic setup).

    Can anyone confirm -- is my brain defective or my Pre?
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    I periodically loose this sound but resetting has always brought it back. Maybe give that another try before a hard reset.
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    You are correct, there is a swoosh sound when dismissing an app card.

    When you go to sounds and ringtones the system sounds switch is on, right?

    The other day out of the blue my ringtones quit working, a simple restart fixed that issue, thankfully.
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    thanks people, glad I'm not losing it just yet. Looks like this should be added to the bug list.

    I've tried a few reboots with no luck. I'm going to wait until the upcoming Classic update that will support HotSync so I can back everything up -- then do the hard reset.
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    Yep, I had to do the reset thing as well to get the sounds back.
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    Same here, has happened three times so far first two times I noticed it battery
    Was under 20% fixed each time with a soft reset
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    I've seen this happen a couple times, but it seems to be associated with the headphone jack bug. Try plugging and unplugging your headphones several times.
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    It happens occasionally to me. It might have to do with lower battery power. I doubt the head phones have anything to do with it since I don't use them. A reset always brings it back. However, once I couldn't get it back and then I noticed I had my phone set to only vibrate. Regardless I love this phone.
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    One workaround would be to make the swoosh sound yourself until you get your Pre working.

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