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    So the wife and I decided to take a trip an hour north to wine country for the weekend. And during a day which the Pre provided music in the car on the trip up, directions to the hotel (realized after we got up here that I didn't even bother to print an address or directions), options for lunch (Good Food app), options for vineyards for wine tastings (Google maps), pictures at the vineyards, simultaneous text messages to my son on his way to football camp in Oregon and my bike buddy coordinating tomorrow's ride, reponses to work email and time surfing this forum while my wife primped for dinner - at some point in the middle of all that I realized that this was the first time in many, many years that I had left town without my laptop.

    But the kicker comes at dinner after my wife asks the waiter to take our photo with my phone. Now, I've owned this phone since launch, and despite the fact that I've pushed it up into my wife's face a hundred times and she's already convinced she wants one, she's never actually had the thing in her grubby little hands and operated it. But tonight she's checking out the photos and starts exploring the phone for the first time - when all of the sudden she stops and looks up at me and starts quoting the creepy chick from the last Palm commercial; "You ever have one of those days when everything just works.........?"

    It was classic.

    And BTW, posted from my Pre. :-)
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    Best thread title i've read since joining here. You win. LoL
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    And isn't that what its all about-Awesome thread. Awesome day
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    Now if that isn't what a commercial should be I don't know. What is interesting is that this is just the beginning of similar experiences. Wait till it goes to multiple providers and networks. We be on the ground floor for this, gotta luv it.
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    Great post. Makes me proud to own a Pre.
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    yea i literally LOLed when i read the title, it got me hooked... title FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramontomzer View Post
    yea i literally LOLed when i read the title, it got me hooked... title FTW!
    Ha. There's a scientific link between wine consumption and creativity. :-)

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