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    Hello,every body,I'm a chinese and I like pre so much.
    I changed my pre to chinese network yestoday,and Installed a patch for displaying chinese SMS, call and sms are ok. But got the "Your phone can not establish data connection (67)" issue.

    The Notification shows every time while I turning on or off WIFI. It also shows while my phone going sleep or being wake up.

    I telnet my pre and type "netstat -taunp ",there are two Foreign IP:

    tcp 0 0 ESTA
    BLISHED 1192/pubsubservice
    tcp 0 0 ESTA
    BLISHED 1178/LunaSysMgr

    Others who's pre goes well after changing network only have the first IP.

    It seems that the problem is "lunaSysMgr"

    Is there anybody could help me? thanks.
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    I had this problem just using the Sprint network. It took the technician making a call to Palm directly to correct it. Apparently it was an account issue at Palm's end. Good luck.
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